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A Data Base for Nigerians in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan

 NIDOE-Russia enjoins Nigerians in Russia to join Global Database of Nigerians in Diaspora.

 A Global Database of Nigerians in Diaspora (GDND) was formally lunched at the Nigerian High Commission in London on the Saturday 21st of February 2009 in the presence of dignatries from the government of the Federal Republic of Nigera, with all the Nigerian Ambassadors in Europe present, including the Nigerian Ambassador to Russia, His Excellency, Lt. Gen T. Shelpidi (rtd) and the Honorable Minister of External Affairs

The Global Database is to enable Nigerians effectively participate in the development processes going on in their home country, as well as get informed in the activities of various Nigerian community Organisations in their host countries.

After the declaration of a new citizenry policy by the Federal government of Nigeria, many issues have been raised by various Nigerian organizations and citizens both at home and abroad, amongst which include the election and voting rights of citizen in which Nigerians abroad have always been deprived by their home government.

Another issue is about Nigerian Expert living outside the country, helping in the development of their host countries but not being given the opportunity to participate in their home affairs back in Nigeria.

Undoubtedly, Nigeria remains one of the world greatest potential reserves in intellectual capacity, but unfortunately many Nigerians professionals well rated in the world in different fields of human endeavours are not actively being included in planning and executing development projects in their country. In many cases low level foreign experts are often being contacted by the Nigerian authorities, to work or consult both the States and the Federal governments on issues of National importance.

Development has been very slow in Nigeria and Nigerians abroad are unhappy with many situations surrounding them. It was therefore imperative to create these forums, where we can channel the stream of intellectual resources, so as to ease the multiple problems existing in Nigeria.

We have identified, that most of the problems Nigerians face in foreign countries begins at home, caused by neglects, or incompetence of some of our policy makers. This is the reason, why we need different Non-Governmental Organizations, as and effective forums to tackle these problems we face in different areas, including policy making by our home governments. Therefore, we have to work hand in hand with our Federal and state governments.

With the creation of the Nigerian National Volunteer Service (NNVS) 5 years ago at the Presidency and the recent establishment of Federal Parliament House Committee on Diaspora Affairs, Nigerians In Diaspora Organisation now stands more privileged than ever before to be heard and cooperated with by all the organs of government in Nigeria. All Nigerian Embassy Missions are directed to enhance the functionality of NIDO in their areas of accreditation.

The Management of NIDO Russia, is already planning a workshop, so as to discuss issue of “Re-branding Nigeria” and how to forge the country’s development ahead.

Negotiations are already underway with various individuals and Organisations and business people interested in investments and establishing their presence in Nigeria, as well as Nigerian companies interested in Russia, so as to create more opportunities for Nigerian citizens and companies willing to establish both in Nigeria and the host country Russia.

It is therefore advisable, that Nigerian professionals residing in Russia register with the Nigerian Embassy in Moscow and NIDO Russia.


www.nidoeurope.org to be printed out, filled and submitted

Nigerians in different cities or leaders of Nigerian Organisations in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan can also send e-mails stating their full names, age, sex, occupation or profession if available and their countries of resident to e.rex@mailcity.com (No payment required)

Mr. Rex Essenowo,

Coordinator of Operations – NIDOE Russia