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к сотрудничеству деловых людей, фонды и организации, с целью привлечения инвестиции и укрепления экономического развития наших стран!




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Buziness Africa interviews Arch. Eric Eyutchae on Booming Urban Construction














































Being address by Mr. Rex Essenowo, The chairman of NIDO Russia,

On the occasion of the Nigerian Diaspora Day 2019

   Date: 25th July 2019

As Nigerians and representatives from the Nigerian Diaspora worldwide storm Abuja, the nation's capital today for the Diaspora Day celebration, I send greetings from the Russia Federation, and on behalf of NIDO Russia and the Diaspora community, I congratulate everyone for making this day real, most especially, thanks to the grand Patron of the Nigerian Diaspora movement, our former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, who gave the first impetus to mobilize our valuable resources and set this day aside for the new orientation, and the Federal Government for relentless efforts to harness Diaspora resources despite many years of difficulties..

It's been 19 years now since the Diaspora movements began with the creation of the Nigerian In Diaspora Organisation (NIDO), with the motto: "in pursuance of National development"

Despite all odds, the Nigerian Diaspora has proven its worth in different aspects of our daily lives both in Nigeria and within the Diaspora. It is on record that, for the past two decades, the Nigerian Diaspora remains the major income booster, which delivers extensive support to families at home, and also provides additionally funds in keeping the entire nation afloat. These remittances remain, top 5 globally, are crucial to the nation's survival; the hard earned monies equate with, or even sometimes exceed our national budget.


The Diaspora is gradually coming home together with Private Investments, as well as, foreign direct Investments (FDI). Apart from all stated above, the Diaspora still has huge reserves, untapped both in skills and capital. We are also working out new modalities to build and expand our market potentials for Nigerian companies oversee. It is therefore inevitable to intensify our collective efforts made by Diaspora citizens and the Federal government, exploring new opportunities through effective use of the Nigerian Diaspora commission (NIDCOM), led by Hon. Abike Dabiri.
We must join hands together to stand out stronger to the commitments of building a greater nation, where every citizen feels part and parcel of the progress, where love, peace and unity reign supreme, as originally envisaged by our founding fathers.

With the enormous resources of the Diaspora, the extensive human capital and expertise which are much needed for national development; the government must make bolder steps forward, by engaging the Diaspora in more professional ways through the Diaspora Commission, key ministries, departments, agencies and very importantly, in partnership with various state governments of the Federation.

The experiences, consultations, multi level interactions we’ve been making to engage the government must also be intensified at the States and Local government levels while dealing with outstanding developmental issues that the nation is facing. Where we succeeded, we continue, where we failed, we need to seek and apply new solutions. That is why it is important that, our Diaspora dialogues, national dialogues and policy reforms continue until all solutions are brought to the table and applied successfully for the betterment of the lives of the masses.

There is no doubt, every great country is not without problems, but we must also understand that there is no problem without a solution; so therefore, we must begin to look inward, work out new strategies with the Federal government to spin up lasting solutions.

The national Assembly and the executive branch must do all that is possible to execute new development policies; this implies fundamental legislative inputs that will enhance better results in economic planning and implementation of policies, so as to guarantee youth empowerment, adequate job creation and infrastructural development. These are needed reforms that will enable sustainable economic growth in Nigeria and the African continent. By so doing we shall overcome most of our challenges, and as well, provide better lives for the wellbeing of our citizens.
We must be well prepared to take active and leading role in the Africa Continental Free Trade Area which we joined last week.

Finally, I want to draw the attention of H.E, President Muhamadu Buhari to our national plight

-POWER SUPPLY! As you already know, Nigerians are hungry for light; many citizens of this great nation are dying of acute deficit of power generation, lack of uninterrupted power supply, pollution and health issues caused by emission from stand-by generators. Most of the challenges in fighting crime by the law enforcement agencies can also be attributed to this issue. The damages and losses caused by this problem to lives, national security and the whole economy, are terribly high and beyond imaginations.

We can no longer talk about generating Megawatts with a population of over 200 million people. Long before now, we should be talking about Gigawatts. This is because, Nigeria needs, nothing less than 2 Gigawatts to begin a smooth journey to the future.

We've been late in taking the right decisions, hence the need for a more pragmatic and suitable approach to trigger the right solution. I am quite convinced that, with strong determination, commitments and the right cooperation with our Diaspora host countries, the solution is available and achievable within the shortest possible time.


Mr. President, Sir, I call on you to task the Ministry of Energy and all related agencies, incoming Ministers and Heads of Departments to bring out a new master plan that is capable of dealing with this issue, once and for all.

If the distribution companies are incapable of handling their jobs, there is need for additional measures, a swift action, together with the National Assembly, which may include, amendment of the current legislation on power generation and distribution; and if need be, declare a state of emergency in the power sector, until the situation is resolved.

This will guarantee accurate assessment, adequate intervention, and timely correction of avoidable mistakes which will guarantee effective management and success of the further reform process.
The Diaspora reiterates its commitments to National development; we wish you a very successful formation of your new government with the incoming Ministers, and a very successful second term with all your election promises, fulfilled.


Thank you and God bless you!

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!

God bless Africa and the Diaspora!!!





NIDO Worldwide Summit In Abuja  

               24, 25 & 27th of July-2015                

NIDO Worldwide Leadership and Stakeholders Summit was a three day programmed event that marked the 10th anniversary of the Diaspora Day and a Summit of the worldwide leadership, bringing together leaders and representatives from NIDO Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

All the continental Boards of Trustees and Chair persons and Stakeholders from different countries of the world gathered in Abuja to celebrate this event.


Professor Haiwa Ibrahim, presenting a certificate of Incooporation to the leadership of NIDO Worldwide in Abuja

On the 24th of July, a courtesy visit was made to the Investment Promotion Commission.  While meeting with the Executive Secretary and the directors of the one stop Investment council, both sides expressed their overwhelming support to the course of the new administration of President Muhammadu Buhariu, as well as the desire to work closely in order to intensify effort in improving Nigeria's trade relations with all the countries where Nigerian Diaspora Organisation operate, and as well, encourage the flow of foreign investments from these countries to Nigeria.

The NIPC and NIDO Leadership agreed to work on an MOU that will bind the new partnership.

The NIDO Worldwide skpokeman, Dr. George Manuwike who also happend to be the Chairman of NIDO Europe, expressed appreciation for the warm reception accorded to the Organisation, while the Board member who lead NIDO America's team, Professor Haiwa Ibrahim gave the detailed aim of the visit, expressing the need for new level of coorperation and new ways to move the country forward.

 In the same vain, NIDO Russia was on the limelight, as the chairman of the chapter, Mr. Rex Essenowo, on his presentation spoke of the need to increase corporations between Nigeria and Russia, so as to tap the vast intellectual capacity, technological and economic potentials of both Nigeria and Russia for the benefits of citizens both in the Diaspora and at home.

He expressed his dissatisfaction on the low level of Nigeria-Russian Trade relations and request more action from the council and the Federal government of Nigeria, so as to increase the government’s participation for the interest of Nigerians both at home and in Russia.


On 25th of July, NIDO Worldwide leadership/ stakeholders Summit took continued. The Summit was successfully marked with sub events and concrete decisions were taken on further activities of NIDO as a united body with projects presentation, and later in the day, four working committees were constituted. Also on in Summit a certificate of Incorporation was presented to the Chair persons of the continental BOTs by Prof. Haiwa Ibrahim, marking a new stage of development in the NIDO family.

It was also a happy and welcomed news at the summit when representatives of  NIPC announce that the Commission has decided  to create an office space for NIDO Worldwide at the NIPC complex in Abuja.

A communiqué to Summit was later published and on Monday the 27th, was marked by a joint press conference in Abuja Top Ranks Hotels

NIPC Directors And Members of the NIDO Worldwide Leadership


Posted by SAMUEL.TANINOWO on July 28, 2015

Abuja, July 28, 2015 (NAN) A leading member of Nigerians in the Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) has called for closer bilateral relations between Nigeria and Russia, saying such a policy would be immensely beneficial to the two countries.
Mr Rex Essenowo, Chairman, NIDO, Russia chapter, made the call on Tuesday in Abuja during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).
According to him Nigeria and Russia are strategic partners and deserve to gain more from each their bilateral relations.
``A good bilateral relation between Nigeria and Russia will foster technological advancement, tackle insecurity, create jobs and a healthy economy in the two nations,’’ he said.
Essenowo said it was unfortunate the some Nigerians in the Diaspora were passing through difficult times.
``My stay in Russia has been very eventful so far; however, some Nigerians in different parts of the world have experienced different challenges which are being handled by NIDO,’’ he said.
Essenowo also said there was the need for Nigeria to review some of its foreign policies to boost the country’s status within the international community. (NAN)

Link: http://www.nannewsnigeria.com/diaspora-nigerian-seeks-closer-russia-nigeria-bilateral-ties


















Sept 2015

The Chairman on Pres. Buhari's foreign policy & reduction of missions abroad

24-25th July-2015

- NIDO Worlswide Summit in Abuja


29th May-2015

NIDO Russia sends letter to congratulates President M. Buhari on inauguration.


29th April, 2015 -

NIDO Russia Workshop 2015 resolutes the formation of Expert committe to address problems and boost investors interest between Russia and Nigeria.

1st April, 2015 -

Congratulations to Gen. Muhammad Buhari (rtd.)/ Prof. Osinbajo and the All Progressive Congress (APC) on the successful winning of the Presidential Election 2015



NIDO Russia thanks the Nigerian Embassy and all participants of the NIDO Russia Day Conference

Goodwill messages from President Goodluck Jonathan and BOT of NIDOE on the occasion of 54th Independence Day Celebration  (1st Oct.2014)

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29 April. 2015 -  1 day Workshop (Business Conference with the Inst. of Africa), Moscow

 6th-7th May. 2015 -  AFRO FEST, Moscow & St. Petersburg, Russia

 Sept. 2015 -  NIDO Russia-Buziness Africa Investment Conference

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