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 November 2020

NIDO Europe AGM to take place in Germany


25Th July

A Congratulatory Message By the Chairman,

Rex Essenowo

On the occassion of the Nigerian Diaspora Day 2019

NIDO RUSSIA - Events: Re-Activation of Nigeria - Russia Business Council, MoU Signed


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Re-activation of Nigeria Russia Business Council

The Nigerian Ambassador to the Russian Federation,

H.E.Prof. Steve S Ugbah sends representative

to NIDO Europe's AGM 2018

* Nigerian Diaspora Global Conference Hosted In UK, First Time Outside Nigeria

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On the Global Conference 2018


 * Diaspora-commission-law-recognises-role-of-nigerians-abroad-stakeholders
 * Osinbajo signs Diaspora Commission Bill


NIDO Russia's Delegates with Hon. Rita Oji at Project Summit in Germany




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Fellow Nigerians,




The Nigerian Embassy, Moscow, Russia, acting on instruction from the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has requested NIDO, Russia to submit a list of Nigerian professionals in Russia. We, therefore, advise all those concerned to submit your names, qualifications and professions to the Secretary, Engr. Shola Aiyetan or Chairman, Mr. Rex Essenowo via or respectively, as soon as possible.

Thanks for your quick response.


Chris Ugbalo, Ph.D, MBA
Public Relation Office
NIDO Russia





ON HIGHLIGHT: Buziness Africa interviews Arch. Eric Eyutchae on Booming Urban Construction


Nigeria attracts $59.6bn FDI in 3 years Aganga


Focus of NIDOE-Russia future events:

NIDOE-Russia intends to organize seminars, symposiums, conferences and workshops in the near future on the following areas of Nigerian socio-economic development:

1) Conducive business environment (legal perspective),

2) Energy supply,

3) Transportation,

4) Medical care,

5) Housing and Construction,

6) Steel Industry,

7) Information Technology,

8) Education,

9) Tourism and Film Industry,

10) Law and Order,

11) Social Services.

 We invite interested organizations, companies and agencies, including private, governmental, as well as NGOs to partnership with us.

All contacts on site.


 FROM THE 5TH Nigerian Diaspora Day - Abuja 2011

1st NIDO Russia Day Celebration - click here for Details

2010 Diaspora Day - 2010 Diaspora Day conference took place in Minna, Niger state capital, from 25th - 29th July 2010 In pictures!





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27 Oct.
2018 -



25 Dec. 2016 -

End of Year Goodwill message by chairman

Nov. 2016

Russia-Nigeria Joint Commission met in Abuja

May. 2017 -  NIDO Russia-Buziness Africa Investment Conference

21 May. 2016 -  NIDO Russia's General Meeting

14 Nov 2016 - NIDO Europe's AGM/Athens Greece 

25 July 2016 -  Diaspora Day, Abuja

24-25th July-2015

NIDO Worlswide Summit in Abuja

29th May-2015

NIDO Russia sends letter to congratulates President M. Buhari on inauguration.

29th April, 2015 -

NIDO Russia Workshop 2015 resolutes the formation of Expert committe to address problems and boost investors interest between Russia and Nigeria.

Goodwill messages from President Goodluck Jonathan and BOT of NIDOE on the occasion of 54th Independence Day Celebration(1st Oct.2014)

 * NIDO Europe Elects BOT , Dr. Obasekola of Rusia, VC (Feb 2014)


* NIDO Russia Reconstitutes Executive Council (Dec. 2013)


* New Nigerian Ambassador to Russia meets Community leaders (August2012)


* NIDOE denounces terrorist action

* Communiqué on the 4th Nigerian Diaspora Day in Minna, Niger State (July 2010)

* Communiqué on the 1st Nigerian Diaspora Russia Day in Moscow

* Communiqué of the 2009 Nigerian Diaspora Day Celebration in Abuja

* NIDOE-Russia welcomes President Medvedev to Nigeria

* NIDO Russia gets new Chairman

*NIDO Europe appoints Dr Ojajune to BOT

* NIDO Russia Joins Nigeria Global Database

* 2008 Communiqué from Tinapa, Calabar

* Keep US Military Bases off Africa - details

*Chairmen's speeches from ZURICH 2007 SUMMIT

- Hints on the 2008 Conference in Tinapa, Calabar

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Coming Soon:


  21 May. 2016 -  General Meeting

  July 2016 -  Diaspora Day, Abuja, Nigeria

Sept. 2016 -  NIDO Russia-Buziness Africa Investment Conference

Previous Events:

29 April. 2015 -  1 day Workshop (Post Nig. Election Conference with the Inst. of Africa), Moscow

 May. 2015 -  AFRO FEST, Moscow, Russia

Sept. 2015 -  NIDO Russia-Buziness Africa Investment Conference


14th Dec. 2014 -  NIDO-Russia' General Meeting

 Feb. 2015 -  NIDO Russia End of year/ New Year Gala Night

8th 9th Nov. 2014 -  NIDO Europe AGM In Italy


24th Oct. 2014 -  NIDO Russia DAY

27th Oct. 2014 -  NIDO Russia/All Nigerian Students Conference, Moscow, Russia

14th Sept. 2014 -  NIDO Russia general Meeting, Moscow, Russia

12th Set. 2014 -   Lunching of Aso Serving Motgage Scheme, London, UK


16 -17th Aug. 2014 -  AfroFest, Moscow, Russia

12th May. 2014 -  Round table/ Conference with Russian Parliamentry Gazeta, Moscow, Russia

15th Dec. 2013 -  NIDO RUSSIA End of Year Meeting, Moscow

8-9th Dec. 2013 -  NIDO EUROPE AGM, Rotterdan, Belgium

20th Nov. 2013 -  Roundtable/Conference, (Nigeria-Russia Relations, past, present and future) - Inst. Of Africa, Moscow

6 - 7th Nov. 2013 -  NIGERIA-RUSSIA Buisiness & Ivestment Forum, Moscow

8th Feb. 2014 -  NIDO Europe AGM In Paris, France

8th Feb. 2014 -  NIDO Europe AGM In Paris, France

Previous Events :

9th Dec. 2012 -  NIDO RUSSIA End of Year Meeting, Moscow

10th Nov 2012 - NIDOE AGM, London

 28th Oct. 2012 -  NIDO RUSSIA GM/Business Brunch, Moscow


Nov. 19, 2011 - Annual General Meeting In Brussels, Belgium

25th July 2011 - 5th Nigerian Diaspora Day in Abuja

October , 2010 - NIDO Russia General Meeting click here

31st October , 2010 - 2nd NIDO RUSSIA Day 

 1st October 2010 - 50th Anniversary Celebration of The Federal Republic of Nigeria

25th - 28th July 2010 - 4th Nigerian Diaspora Day in Minna

Nov. 14, 2009 - Annual General Meeting In Paris click here

October 30th  - 1st Nigeria Diaspora Day/Conference In Moscow  click       AHOHC 

Independence Day 2010 (Golden Jubilee)

 Celebration In Pictures


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